Historic Renovation: Replacing the Roof and Balustrade of the Bremo Bluff Plantation

Bremo Plantation: beautiful, historic, and rare. The estate covers more than 1,500 acres in Fluvanna County, Virginia. It’s origins link to the master joiner, John Neilson, from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Overlooking the James River, it is a rare property of its era, still owned by the family that built it in 1745.

Alexander Nicholson specializes in historic renovations and has built a reputation for care and expertise when faced with a project such as the Bremo Plantation house.

Alexander Nicholson project manager Martin Quarles said, “All the work was completed from the roofline up. The building had never before had a gutter system and because of that, had suffered from moisture issues. We took the roof water and got it away from the house and created gutters that are invisible from the ground level. The house is now drier and happier than it has ever been.”

The whole project included replacing the roof and skylights, rebuilding the chimneys, designing and building a new water drainage and gutter system, and rebuilding the ornate balustrade that surrounds the roof. An immense amount of woodworking was part of the renovation, when work on the exterior was complete, it was protected with a fresh coat of paint.

“This was a great, cooperative endeavor. We had a small, tight-knit team of five working well together over nine months. The owners were very happy with the end result,” said Quarles.

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