Restoration Redux of Kirklea at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Ivy, Virginia

Twenty-two years ago, Alexander Nicholson oversaw the renovation of a Victorian house located next to St. Paul’s Church in Ivy. At that time, the church was converting the property into offices and needed to rework the space to make it comfortable and efficient.

In 2018, St. Paul’s church came calling again, this time for a more significant redesign and renovation of the house. The most recent improvements include replacing the roof, upgrading the heating and air conditioning, finishing out the unused space on the third floor, and installing a copper roof built to last for a hundred years. The project took about 10 months to complete.

“The history of the house is interesting – it was the home of the Archdeacon Frederick Neve who had it built in 1904. Many years later when the house was for sale, a parishioner of the church bought it and gifted it to the church,” said Quarles. “The Episcopal church has called on us multiple times for projects and we, along with Train Architects, have enjoyed a longstanding relationship with the people, there.”

Kirk Train is the architect for this project. Train and Alexander Nicholson have partnered on many projects with St. Paul’s, including the renovation of the main parish hall over 20 years ago.

Kirklea 3.jpg